Welcome to Dick Whittington Sailing Tours on Moreton Bay.

Sail the pristine waters of Queensland's Moreton Bay, aboard the luxurious forty-five foot yacht, Dick Whittington.  Allow Alan and his crew to help you relax and enjoy everything the Bay has to offer.  Moreton Bay nurtures an abundance of diverse marine life, including dugongs, dolphins and green sea turtles.  Discover the hidden delights of the Bay's many islands and coral reefs and experience the pleasure of swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, while the friendly crew prepare a lunch to satisfy the heartiest of appertites, with first class service catering for up to 50 people.

So come Sailing on Moreton Bay and experience the Bay's white sand islands and abundant marine life, whether you are after a fun day sail on Moreton Bay, a wedding, birthday party, christmas party or corporate event contact us now. 



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